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Dear North Americans,

You forced an election upon Venezuela to get rid of Hugo Chavez. Though all other countries acknowledged the result of the election - that Chavez had won - you still tried to question it.

You now face an election yourself. You have been caught red handed in election fraud previously - your current president got less votes than his opponent. In stead of cleaning up your act, you've got this witch threatening independent observers: "Let them come down! We'll kick them all out, [Michael] Moore included!" For the election of the so called "Leader of the Free World" observers aren't allowed any closer than 50 feet from a voting place!?

You are sporting as Policeman of the World. To some extend this has been an unambiguous fact, though your policies have been questioned often. You really need to get your s**t together or you will be Bully of the World to the common man, not just to leftist or otherwise "unamerican" people. First of all, start living up to the standards you expect of other countries.

I now see that G. W. Bush actually has a chance of winning the election to get four more years of dictatorship! I am baffled, shocked, lost for words - how can this be true? This "president" is such an obvious failure, yet you still vote for him. You must be loosing it the lot of you!

With sincere hopes for a change for the better...
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Submitted on
September 26, 2004